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Вагоноремонтная улица, д 10а
Москва, Russia
8 967 042-78-74
Время работы с 8.00 до 23.00
Cash for scrap metal Moscow. Scrap metal prices Russia. Scrap lead batteries purchase price, scrap aluminium price, scrap copper buying price, scrap brass price, scrap stainless steel purchase price. Our company OOO VtorMetall buying of ferrous metal for high price in Moscow - every day! In the presence of wholesale volumes, we will load and remove your scrap metal for free within 30 minutes, as well as provide services for dismantling scrap metal using our special equipment. Today, non-ferrous metal is expensive, regardless of the type of metal waste. We provide dismantling services for large and complex metal structures. We have a large staff of workers. We use professional tools (cutters and welding). This service saves time and transportation costs. We have our own large-capacity equipment.
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Scrap aluminum prices
1.059 € /kg price up
Price change Алюминий - Микс 2021.10.10
0.966 € /kg price down
Price change Алюминий 10 группа 2021.10.10
Scrap Battery prices
0.465 € /kg price up
Price change Полипропилен 2021.10.10
Scrap brass prices
1.687 € /kg price up
Price change Латунная стружка 2021.10.10
Scrap copper prices
5.236 € /kg price up
Price change Медь луженка 2021.10.10
0.407 € /kg price up
Price change Алюминиевый корпус электродвигателя 2021.10.10
0.349 € /kg price up
Price change Чугунный корпус электродвигателя 2021.10.10
Scrap lead prices
0.64 € /kg price up
Price change грузики 2021.10.10
Scrap metal prices
0.278 € /kg price up
Price change Чугун - 17A 2021.10.10
0.276 € /kg no changes
Price change Негабаритный металлолом - 5A 2021.10.10
0.276 € /kg no changes
Price change жесть - 12A 2021.10.10
кусковой металлолом - 3A 2021.10.10
Stainless steel prices
0.64 € /kg price up
Price change Нержавейка негабаритная - Ni от 8% 2021.10.10

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