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ul. 3 Maja 159
Pruszków, Poland
+48 793 784 888
Pon-Pt: 8:00 – 17:00 Sob: 8:00 – 15:00
Cash for scrap metal Pruszkow city. Scrap metal price Poland. Scrap price of batteries. The price of scrap aluminum. The price of scrap copper. Price of scrap brass. Stainless steel scrap price. Price of scrap lead. We buy scrap and non-ferrous metals in Pruszków. We also buying waste paper, cardboard, white and colored plastic foil. We guarantee free collection of waste so that you do not have to personally bother with it! For regular customers, we prepare special offers that allow us to sell secondary raw materials on very favorable terms. For 8 years we have been honestly purchasing scrap metal, ensuring a high standard of customer service in the industry. Check on your own!
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Scrap aluminum prices
1.017 € /kg price up
Price change Aluminium 2021.10.10
0.649 € /kg price down
Price change Puszka aluminiowa 2021.10.10
Scrap Battery prices
0.433 € /kg price down
Price change Akumulatory 2021.10.10
Scrap brass prices
2.814 € /kg no changes
Price change Mosiądz 2021.10.10
Scrap copper prices
5.195 € /kg price down
Price change Miedź 2021.10.10
Scrap lead prices
0.758 € /kg price down
Price change Ołów 2021.10.10
Scrap metal prices
0.206 € /kg price down
Price change złom - stalowy gruby 2021.10.10
0.184 € /kg price down
Price change złom - stalowy cienki 2021.10.10
Stainless steel prices
1.299 € /kg price down
Price change Kwasówka 2021.10.10

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