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Scrap metal prices Poland. Cash for scrap metal Legionowo city. Scrap batteries purchase price in the Legionowo city. The price of scrap aluminum. Purchase price of scrap copper. Purchase of brass scrap. Purchase of stainless steel scrap. Purchase of lead scrap. Scrap metal can be sold in almost any major city. Purchase scrap prices are different due to the buyers' pricing policy, but they are similar. Purchase scrap prices depend on metals prices on stock exchanges and change frequently. The price changes are influenced by the need and supply of this raw material on the market...

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Legionowo

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price
Contacts Silniki elektryczne bez kół pasowych 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Contacts Alternatory kompletne 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Scrap aluminum prices
0.973 Eur/kg. price down Price change odlewy, korpusy, głowice >100kg 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Scrap brass prices
2.432 Eur/kg. price down Price change Chłodnice samochodowe MS >100kg 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Scrap copper prices
5.086 Eur/kg. price up Price change Lakier, cienka, niesort >100kg 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Scrap lead prices
0.884 Eur/kg. price down Price change Ołów - tłusty >100kg 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Stainless steel prices
Contacts Stal kwasoodporna >100kg 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Scrap Battery prices
0.531 Eur/kg. price up Price change Akumulatory Pb <100kg 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Scrap metal prices
Contacts Stal gruba 1,5x0,5m 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Contacts Stal - blachy >100kg 2021.02.16 - 12:10
Contacts Stal pow. 1,5x0,5x0,5m 2021.02.16 - 12:10

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