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Savanorių pr. 286
Kaunas, Lithuania
I - IV 9:00-18:00, VI 11:00-13:00
Purchase of electronics and non-ferrous metals in Kaunas. UAB “Kaunakiemis” main activities: Removal of household appliances from the population, Collection of electronic waste from companies, Purchase of metals and catalysts. The company is registered in the state registration of waste handlers, and must also have our state need permits and licenses. Thanks to the company, residents and companies can not only get rid of unnecessary technical scrap, but also at the same time be each of their investments with a greater focus on waste reduction and environmental issues. Residents are required to sell electronic waste, and an identity document (passport, identity card or driver's license) must be presented at the buyer. For individuals, -5% of personal income tax is deducted from the sales amount. The collection of incomplete household appliances (disassembled TVs, disassembled monitors or other disassembled appliances) is charged. There is also a charge for some electronic bundled products such as: printer cartridges, fluorescent lamps.
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Scrap aluminum prices
1.2 € /kg price up
Price change Ratlankiai be svarelių 2021.10.19
1.2 € /kg price up
Price change Profilis švarus 2021.10.19
1 € /kg price up
Price change Aliuminis liejiminis 2021.10.19
1 € /kg no changes
Price change Profilis ISO 2021.10.19
0.8 € /kg price up
Price change Aliuminis - skarda 2021.10.19
0.45 € /kg no changes
Price change Aliuminio radiatoriai švarūs 2021.10.19
Aliuminio / vario radiatoriai 2021.10.19
Scrap Battery prices
0.5 € /kg price up
Price change Nepertraukiamo maitinimo šaltiniai (UPS) 2021.10.19
0.5 € /kg price up
Price change Švino akumuliatoriai 2021.10.19
Scrap brass prices
3.4 € /kg price up
Price change Žalvaris 2021.10.19
Scrap copper prices
6 € /kg price up
Price change Varis 2021.10.19
3 € /kg price up
Price change Automobilių variniai laidai 2021.10.19
2.1 € /kg price up
Price change Aliuminio / vario radiatoriai švarūs 2021.10.19
0.65 € /kg no changes
Price change Automobilių generatoriai 2021.10.19
0.55 € /kg no changes
Price change Starteriai 2021.10.19
0.45 € /kg no changes
Price change Elektros varikliai 2021.10.19

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