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Scrap gold price London, UK. Scrap 24k gold price London. Cash for gold Scrap 18k London. Scrap 14k gold price London. Cash for gold Scrap 9k gold London. Here at J Blundell & Sons we will pay you cash for all your unwanted gold and precious metal items. We offer best prices and review our rates twice a day. We buy: Gold any carat, Old, broken gold Jewellery, Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver, Platinum

Scrap prices, London

Scrap Gold price
Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Gold price
29.431 Eur/g. Graph 14 carat 2020.05.23 - 10:38
37.725 Eur/g. Graph 18 carat 2020.05.23 - 10:38
50.259 Eur/g. Graph 24 carat 2020.05.23 - 10:38
18.857 Eur/g. Graph 9 carat 2020.05.23 - 10:38

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