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1. Kısım Mahallesi Göksu Caddesi
Dilovası, Turkey
+90 262 676 75 00
Pa - Cu 08:00-24:00, Pa 08:00-16:00
[email protected]
Scrap met buyer & recycler in Turkey. Scrap metal prices Turkey. Steel is essential to our way of life today. Taking this as our point of reference, we strive constantly to make steel products that add value to people’s lives. Everything that we make is intended to enhance the quality of its user’s life. That is the vision that has made us one of the most cutting-edge and innovative industrial concerns in Turkey ever since the day we commenced operations. We have always seen it as our duty to support not only our own and our customers’ development but that of our industry as well. Out of our environmental awareness and sense of social responsibility, we recognize producing only the most excellent as an indispensable corporate value. Firmly embracing such values, we advance proudly on our path
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