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Scrap metal price UK. Scrap battery price London. Scrap Aluminum price London, UK. Scrap copper price London. Scrap brass price. Scrap stainles steel price. Scrap lead price | For any metal you bring to us, we will weigh it and determine the money you will receive for it. We can quickly and safely take care of metal that you possess and want to get rid of. Even problematic waste is no big deal for us. You will be surprised how quick it can be done! And also- you pay only for what we collect. Price depends on the weight of the load. We take away the load and you never have to think of it again!

Scrap prices, London

Title Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price 0.224 Eur/kg. Graph Electric Motors 2020.01.02 - 15:34
Scrap Aluminum price 0.897 Eur/kg. Graph Litho Sheet 2020.01.02 - 15:34
Scrap Brass price 2.466 Eur/kg. Graph Mixed Brass 2020.01.02 - 15:34
Scrap Copper price 3.588 Eur/kg. Graph Copper Cylinders 2020.01.02 - 15:34
Scrap Lead price 1.009 Eur/kg. Graph Lead 2020.01.02 - 15:34
Scrap St. steel price 0.561 Eur/kg. Graph 18/8 Stainless Solids 2020.01.02 - 15:34
Car batteries scrap prices 0.336 Eur/kg. Graph Lead / Acid Batteries 2020.01.02 - 15:34