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Scrap prices, Beenham

Title Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price 0.258 Eur/kg. Graph scrap Electric Motors 2019.12.06 - 16:05
Scrap Brass price 2.298 Eur/kg. Graph Scrap Brass 2019.12.06 - 16:05
Scrap Copper price 3.375 Eur/kg. Graph Clean Copper Tanks 2019.12.06 - 16:05
Scrap St. steel price 0.583 Eur/kg. Graph Scrap Stainless Steel 2019.12.06 - 16:05
Car batteries scrap prices 0.572 Eur/kg. Graph Scrap Batteries 2019.12.06 - 16:05
Heavy metal scrap prices 0.174 Eur/kg. Graph Heavy Iron (5 ft) 2019.12.06 - 16:05
Light metal scrap prices 0.135 Eur/kg. Graph Mixed Ferrous Metals 2019.12.06 - 16:05