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Scrap gold prices Ukraine. Cash for gold Kiev city. We expensive buy gold, silver, platinum, palladium. Our company is engaged in the purchase of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and palladium in any quantity, type and condition: jewelry, bank bars, investment and antique coins, silverware, technical and jewelry scrap, platinum and palladium laboratory glassware and other products. The price of precious metals is not constant and may decrease or increase. It is impossible to guess what the value of the precious metal will be tomorrow. You can familiarize yourself with the prices for precious metals for today by going to the relevant sections or call back by the phones indicated in the title of the page and get a preliminary consultation....

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, КИЇВ

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Gold prices
26.626 Eur/g. price down Price change Проба золота 585 2021.02.16 - 12:07
33.649 Eur/g. price down Price change Проба золота 750 2021.02.16 - 12:07
Contacts Проба золота 999 2021.02.16 - 12:07
16.678 Eur/g. price down Price change Проба золота 375 2021.02.16 - 12:07

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