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Scrap gold purchase prices Ukraine. Cash for gold Odessa city. We buy various products from gold: investment and antique gold coins; bank ingots are stamped and cast; jewelry of well-known world brands - modern and antique; gold and gilded watches of the USSR, Ukraine, foreign; jewelry scrap - waste jewelry production, trimmings, fragments of large products ; dental gold - crowns, bridges; technical products - gold wire, gold-containing radio parts: connectors, contacts, transistors, capacitors, relays, chips. It so happens that jewelry gold, silver, platinum items are out of fashion or they are badly scratched, stones have fallen out, deformed and do not have a presentation. Then it is best for you to hand over your jewelry to the purchase of precious metals. Remember, the higher the purity of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, the highe...

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Одеса

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Gold prices
41.092 EUR /g price up Price change Проба золота 916, 917 2021.08.25
33.72 EUR /g price up Price change Проба золота 750 2021.08.25
26.662 EUR /g price up Price change Проба золота 585 2021.08.25
16.782 EUR /g price up Price change Проба золота 375 2021.08.25

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