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Scrap metal prices London city. Scrap battery buy | All Scrap Metal process many types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal including: copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, household wire, lead, consumer goods, cables, turnings and demolition scrap. We provide a scrap metal recycling service to industrial, commercial and household customers in and around London covering areas such as Greenwich, Bermondsey, Lewisham, Charlton, and Blackheath. Whatever type of scrap metal you have we pay you top prices and can even arrange collections. We find that markets change quickly, and materials need to be moved fast. We will work closely with you, to help you find ways of recycling your material...

Scrap prices, London

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price
0.335 Eur/kg. Graph Motors 2020.09.22 - 08:55
Scrap Aluminum price
0.642 Eur/kg. Graph Cast Aluminium 2020.09.22 - 08:55
Scrap Brass price
2.792 Eur/kg. Graph Brass 2020.09.22 - 08:55
Scrap Copper price
3.071 Eur/kg. Graph Copper Cylinders 2020.09.22 - 08:55
Scrap Lead price
1.172 Eur/kg. Graph Lead 2020.09.22 - 08:55
Scrap St. steel price
0.67 Eur/kg. Graph Stainless Steel 2020.09.22 - 08:55
Scrap Battery price
0.558 Eur/kg. Graph Batteries 2020.09.22 - 08:55
Scrap metal prices
0.1 Eur/kg. Graph Light Iron (Exc Fridges) 2020.09.22 - 08:55

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