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Cash for gold Lithuania, Vilnius city. We buy dental and investment gold. The purchase prices of gold depend on the prices of the respective metals on stock exchanges and change very often. Every single gold buyer monitors the fluctuations in the prices on stock exchanges and accordingly adjusts its buying price. We perform work according to individual orders from us or your gold and silver. We produce wedding rings. We provide pawnshop services. The following are accepted as collateral for a loan: precious metals, their scrap, precious stones, jewelry and other assets. There is no additional charge for storing items. At the end of the grace period, the pledged item becomes the property of the company....

Scrap prices, Vilnius

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Gold price
20 Eur/g. no changes Price change 585 prabos auksas 2020.10.17 - 18:22
25.6 Eur/g. no changes Price change 750 prabos auksas 2020.10.17 - 18:22
29 Eur/g. no changes Price change Stomatologinis auksas 2020.10.17 - 18:22
12.8 Eur/g. no changes Price change 375 prabos auksas 2020.10.17 - 18:22

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