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Justiniškių g. 91
Vilnius, Lithuania
8 (5) 2404669
I - V 09:00 - 19:00, VI 09:00 - 15:00
[email protected]
Cash for gold Vilnius city, Justiniskiu str. 91 str., Lithuania. 'Vilniaus Juvelyrika' is a jewelry trade network that sells jewelry in gold, silver and amber, as well as articles with precious stones. In the salon you will also find unique handmade products made by both foreign and Lithuanian jewelers Scrap gold price Lithuania. We buy scrap gold for high price. We sell dental and investment gold. We perform work according to individual orders from us or your gold and silver. We produce wedding rings. We provide pawnshop service - From us you can get cash for various jewelry items of precious metals such as gold or silver Gold prices change frequently and depend on the price of gold on the metal exchange, so always check the price of gold that day before selling gold. In our pawnshop you can get cash for various gold jewelry and various articles made of other precious metals. Acceptable collateral for a loan: precious metals, their scrap, precious stones, jewelry and other assets
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