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Scrap gold purchase prices in Lithuania. Cash for gold Kaunas city, Lithuania. The company can offer you all services related to jewelry. Our store network consists of three jewelry stores and one jewelry salon in Kaunas. We buy expensive scrap gold and scrap silver from individuals and companies. The main activities are the sale of jewelry, the purchase or exchange of gold and silver scrap for new products. We buy carat gold such as: 9 carat gold, 14 carat gold, 18 carat gold, 24 carat gold and dental gold. Purchase prices for gold are not constant and they are constantly changing. If you want to sell gold now, always check what the price of gold is today. Also, the purchase price of gold may depend on the type of gold, and the amount of gold. Usually, the gold can be sold more expensive ...

Scrap prices, Kaunas

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Gold price
26.3 Eur/g. price down Price change Auksas 583 / 585 2020.11.20 - 09:35
32.2 Eur/g. price down Price change Auksas 750 2020.11.20 - 09:35
36.5 Eur/g. price down Price change Auksas 900 (dantų karūnėlės) 2020.11.20 - 09:35
16.1 Eur/g. price down Price change Auksas 375 2020.11.20 - 09:35

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