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Жодинский с/с, 32
Жодино, Belarus
Понедельник - Пятница: с 7.30 до 16.00
[email protected]
Cash for scrap metal Zodino city, Belarus. Scrap metal purchase prices in Belarus. Buying Price for used batteries in Zhodino. Aluminum scrap price. Purchase Price of scrap copper. Brass scrap price. The price of stainless steel scrap. Lead scrap price. The company 'Tsvetmet' accepts household scrap and non-ferrous metal waste from the population. Buying of household scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, zinc, magnesium), lead-acid batteries with and without electrolyte and payment for it is made by NET weight. Payment for the delivered scrap is made in cash. The enterprise recycles scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals of the copper group. You can order and buy brass foundry LS and bronze in ingots, brass and bronze rods, bushings made of bronze BrOTsS, BrAZh or BrOF, brass by individual sizes. Unitary enterprise Tsvetmet is an organization where you can return the battery and get a reward for it. We accept lead-acid batteries with a nd without electrolyte, with payment by NET weight. It is the difference between the actual weight of the battery, the tare weight and the contamination with non-metallic materials (impurities that are not the subject of delivery - paper, plastic, battery cases, other metals, oils, etc., but cannot be separated from the delivered scrap) . To find out how much it costs to return the battery, use the calculators for calculating the estimated cost of batteries. We offer two types of calculators: by weight and by capacity. The exact cost is made at the point of collection after weighing and determining the percentage of clogging.
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1.199 €/kg price up
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