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ул. Связи, д. 29
Рязань, Russia
8 4912 99-09-01
Ежедневно c 8.00 до 20.00
[email protected]
Scrap metal yard in Ryazan city. The company 'Чермет Соколовка' is a well-known leader in the field of scrap processing, sale and purchase. If you repeat more and more often in ads - 'I am looking where to sell scrap ferrous metal in Ryazan city', then you have found the company you need. Our company has been operating since 1996 and during this time we were able to prove ourselves as an experienced and highly qualified enterprise. We provide many services in the secondary raw materials market. The specialization of our company is the sale, storage, processing of non-ferrous and ferrous metal, as well as the purchase of scrap in Ryazan. The managers of our company will be happy to offer you the best prices and mutually beneficial conditions. The main areas of our activity are storage, processing and sale of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The company also buys scrap in Ryazan. We employ the most experienced and highly qualified specialists who can always offer a wide range of services at attractive prices
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лом алюминия
Scrap Battery prices
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Scrap brass prices
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Scrap copper prices
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Scrap metal prices
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Stainless steel prices
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