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ул.Тимофея Чаркова 16
Тюмень, Russia
8 800 777 53 66
Пн - Пт 08:00-19:00 Сб, Вс до 16:00
Scrap metal yard in Tiumen city, Russia. Purchasing of non-ferrous metal is one of the main activities of the META Group. The enterprise accepts non-ferrous scrap metal in Tyumen and the Tyumen region on favorable terms for customers. Non-ferrous scrap is non-ferrous metal, non-ferrous products (and their elements) that have become unusable and have lost their performance characteristics. We accept lead, aluminum, nickel, copper, titanium, bronze, magnesium, brass scrap. The price is valid for non-cash payment. The prices presented on the website are not a public offer and may differ from the actual cost of 1 kg of scrap. For example, the most expensive group is copper-brass, aluminum scrap is accepted on less favorable terms, and the nickel category of non-ferrous scrap has the least value. We purchase old lead batteries in any quantity without restrictions, and we are also ready to take on the services of transporting large quantities to the place of processing
Currency converter
Scrap aluminum prices
1.098 €/kg price up
Price change Алюминий электротехнический
0.732 €/kg price up
Price change Алюминий микс
Алюминиевая банка
Алюминий моторный
Алюминий разносортный
Алюминиевый профиль
Алюминий кабель
Алюминиевая стружка
Алюминий пищевой
Алюминиевая фольга
Scrap brass prices
Латунь микс
Латунь радиаторы
Латунь стружка
Scrap copper prices
4.11 €/kg price up
Price change Медь - микс
Медь блеск
Медный кабель
Медь шина
Газовая колонка
Медь кусок
Медная стружка
Медная сечка
Луженая медь
Scrap lead prices
0.915 €/kg price up
Price change Кабельная оболочка
Свинец переплав
Scrap metal prices
0.177 €/kg price up
Price change Негабаритный стальной лом 5A
0.177 €/kg price up
Price change Габаритный стальной лом 3A
0.024 €/kg price up
Price change Стружка стальная 16A
Stainless steel prices
0.244 €/kg price up
Price change Нержавеющая сталь 8%
Нержавеющая стружка 8% Ni
Нержавеющая сталь 10% Ni
Нержавеющая сталь 10% Ni
Нержавеющая стружка 8% Ni
Нержавеющая стружка 10% Ni

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.