ARB Darmstadt 3969

Scrap metal buying & scrap batteries buying Darmstadt city, Germany. Disposal of batteries / old batteries. We deal professionally with all types of scrap, but we are not an auto parts dealer or process this area of ​​scrap. Whether in houses and warehouses, in your company there are very often old scrap items that can be added back to the recycling cycle and bring you real money. With our many years of experience, we work in the disposal of old metals and scrap items with metal and recyclable materials. As a traditional family business, you benefit from cross-generational experience and competent partners who offer competent and cost-effective service in our network for your daily satis...

Scrap prices, Darmstadt

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price
Graph Elektromotoren 2020.09.29 - 20:25
Scrap Aluminum price
Graph Aluminium 2020.09.29 - 20:25
Scrap Brass price
Graph Messing 2020.09.29 - 20:25
Scrap Copper price
Graph Millberry Kupfer 2020.09.29 - 20:25
Scrap Lead price
Graph Blei 2020.09.29 - 20:25
Scrap St. steel price
Graph V2A Edelstahl 2020.09.29 - 20:25
Scrap Battery price
Graph Bleibatterien 2020.09.29 - 20:25

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