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Cash for scarp metal Scecin city, Scrap metal prices Poland. Scrap lead batteries purchase price, scrap aluminium price, scrap copper buying price, scrap brass price, scrap stainless steel purchase price. If you want to sell scrap? Come to us! Our offer includes the purchase of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, i.e. copper, zinc, lead, aluminum, bronze and brass. It is possible to collect scrap from the customer at the place indicated by him. We have adequate transport, which allows you to pick up even a large amount of waste. The sale of scrap and its purchase is based on weight - we use extremely precise electronic scales for weighing. We have a large-area yard that allows for troub...

Scrap prices, Szczecin

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price
Graph Silniki elektryczne 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Scrap Aluminum price
Graph Aluminum odlew 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Scrap Brass price
Graph Mosiądz pobiał 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Scrap Copper price
Graph Miedz niesort 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Scrap Lead price
Graph Ołów brudny 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Scrap St. steel price
Graph Stal nierdzewna 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Scrap metal prices
Graph Złom wsadowy gruby 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Graph Złom blacha 2020.09.27 - 22:56
Graph Złom niewsadowy 2020.09.27 - 22:56

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