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Scrap metal collecting yard in Essen city, Germany. Daily scrap prices throughout Germany! Metal trade in Essen. Since metal prices are currently changing at very short notice, we will inform you about the current Germany-wide daily prices on our website. Our experts are also happy to provide you with comprehensive consulting services on site in our metal trade in Essen. We are always on the lookout for scrap metal or scrap and offer maximum daily prices for your metal waste. A fast handling of material deliveries as well as an immediate cash payment or online transfer are part of our service offer. We have the necessary know-how, many years of experience and a modern fleet of machines and vehicles to dispose of or recycle all materials in an environmentally friendly manner....

Gold prices | scrap metal prices, Essen

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap aluminum prices
0.45 EUR /kg no changes Price change Aluminium 2021.06.09
Scrap brass prices
3.5 EUR /kg price down Price change Messing 2021.06.09
Scrap copper prices
6.2 EUR /kg price down Price change Kupferschrott 2 2021.06.09
2 EUR /kg price down Price change Kabelschrott (Basis 40% Kupfer) 2021.06.09
Kupferschrott 1 2021.06.09
Scrap lead prices
1.1 EUR /kg price down Price change Blei 2021.06.09
Scrap metal prices
0.25 EUR /kg no changes Price change Mischschrott 2021.06.09
0.2 EUR /kg no changes Price change Schredderschrott 2021.06.09
Stainless steel prices
0.8 EUR /kg no changes Price change Edelstahl 2021.06.09

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