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Scrap metal yard in Winzer city & Scrap metal prices Germany. Purchase of non-ferrous metals, scrap iron and used computer components. We are constantly looking for PC components to buy: computer boards, memory and RAM, computer plugs, brass, cables, copper, aluminum, stainless steel. Purchase of cables, copper and brass from private and commercial customers. Cash payment only upon presentation of a valid identity card. Computer components are only accepted by post. e.g. Parcel or shipping company. No personal delivery. Purchase prices for commercial businesses are subject to the reverse charge procedure. No acceptance of electronic devices: printers, scanners, copiers, monitors, washing machines, refrigerators, etc....

Scrap prices, Winzer

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price
Contacts E-Motoren ohne Getriebe 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Scrap Aluminum price
0.7 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Alu Felgen 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Scrap Brass price
2.5 Eur/kg. price up Price change Messing 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Scrap Copper price
4.3 Eur/kg. price up Price change Kupfer 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Scrap Lead price
0.8 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Blei 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Scrap St. steel price
Contacts Edelstahl V2A nicht Magnetisch 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Scrap Battery price
0.4 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Bleibatterien 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Scrap metal prices
Contacts Mischschrott 2021.01.11 - 09:09
Contacts Mischschrott 2021.01.11 - 09:09

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