Cash for scrap metal Athens city, Scrap metal prices Greece. Scrap lead batteries purchase price, scrap aluminium price, scrap copper purchase price Greece, scrap stainless steel price, scrap brass / bronze buying price, scrap lead price. Unlike the individual cases of illegal or non-specialized metal mining units that lack the necessary waste management licenses and safety standards, SCRAPMETAL is differentiated by providing a Scrap Metal Marketing, Transport and Collection license and the most competitive post-sale scrap prices. Our long experience in the metal market, economies of scale and modern environmental technologies add maximum value to metals. SCRAPMETAL is one of the most pionee...

Scrap prices, Αθήνα (Athens)

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price
0.3 Eur/kg. Graph ΜΟΤΕΡ 2020.09.28 - 09:34
Scrap Aluminum price
0.5 Eur/kg. Graph ΑΛΟΥΜΙΝΙΟ ΜΑΛΑΚΟ 2020.09.28 - 09:34
Scrap Brass price
2 Eur/kg. Graph οΟΡΕΙΧΑΛΚΟΣ 2020.09.28 - 09:34
Scrap Copper price
4 Eur/kg. Graph ΧΑΛΚΟΣ Β 2020.09.28 - 09:34
Scrap Lead price
1 Eur/kg. Graph ΜΟΛΥΒΙ 2020.09.28 - 09:34
Scrap St. steel price
0.6 Eur/kg. Graph ΑΝΟΞΕΙΔΩΤΟ 2020.09.28 - 09:34
Scrap Battery price
0.45 Eur/kg. Graph ΜΠΑΤΑΡΙΕΣ ΑΥΤΟΚΙΝΗΤΟΥ 2020.09.28 - 09:34
Scrap metal prices
0.125 Eur/kg. Graph ΣΙΔΕΡΟ A’ 2020.09.28 - 09:34
0.1 Eur/kg. Graph ΣΙΔΕΡΟ Β 2020.09.28 - 09:34

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