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Alfred-Nobel Str. 52
Euskirchen, Germany
+49 163 1415429
Mo - Do 8:00 - 17:45; Fr - Sa 9:00 - 15:45
[email protected]
Scrap metal purchase prices in Germany. The company SSG Altmetallhandel GbR Scrap metal buying, scrap metal collecting & handling and scrap metal selling in Euskirchen city. We purchase and manage ferrous scrap and the following non-ferrous metals: scrap copper, scrap aluminum, scrap brass, scrap bronze, scrap stainless steel, scrap lead and others We can to offer container service for collecting of waste. Do you have scrap metal, non-ferrous metal, building rubble, wood, but you have no way of removing it yourself ? We will be happy to make you individual offer. We can to bring you containers 7-14m³ or containers in 26-36m³. Please inquire about the current conditions by phone or on site. When delivering scrap metals with a monetary value of more than € 500, we ask you to register in advance by telephone. The following applies to new customers: Metals that you deliver with a value of more than € 1000 will only be transferred to the account given to us on the following day, subject to a check for correct quality.
Currency converter
Scrap aluminum prices
1.4 €/kg no changes
Price change Alu Profile blank 100%sauber
1.4 €/kg no changes
Price change Alufelgen ohne Ventil und Wuchtblei
0.8 €/kg no changes
Price change Aluminium Geschirr
Scrap Battery prices
0.4 €/kg no changes
Price change Bleiakku (Nur Akkus mit PB)
Scrap brass prices
3 €/kg price down
Price change Reines Messing
1.5 €/kg no changes
Price change Messing leicht
Scrap copper prices
5.7 €/kg price down
Price change Kupfer Milberry
5.3 €/kg price down
Price change Kupfer 98 (Haardraht)
5.2 €/kg price down
Price change Kupfer schwer
1.7 €/kg price down
Price change Kupferkabel gemischt ab 38% CU Anteil
Scrap lead prices
1 €/kg no changes
Price change Altblei
Scrap metal prices
0.24 €/kg no changes
Price change Bremsscheiben
0.2 €/kg price up
Price change Schwerschrott
0.2 €/kg price up
Price change Gusseisen
0.17 €/kg price up
Price change Mischschrott
0.12 €/kg price up
Price change Blechschrott
Stainless steel prices
1 €/kg price down
Price change V4A
0.6 €/kg price down
Price change V2A Edelstahl

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.