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Scrap metal buying in Bielefeld city, Scrap metal prices Germany. Cash for scrap batteries. Cash for scrap aluminium, cash for scrap copper, cash for scrap stainless steel. We dispose of your scrap iron, scrap metals, batteries, catalytic converters and much more in a professional manner for you. For larger amounts of scrap, such as Mixed scrap, copper, brass, lead, tin, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, electric motors or the like, we purchase your scrap at fair conditions. This is a double advantage for you: you are rid of your junk and earn real money in the process...

Scrap prices, Bielefeld

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Aluminum price
Graph Aluminiumschrott 2020.09.27 - 22:43
Scrap Brass price
Graph Messingschrott 2020.09.27 - 22:43
Scrap Copper price
Graph Kupferschrott 2020.09.27 - 22:43
Scrap Lead price
Graph Bleischrott 2020.09.27 - 22:43
Scrap St. steel price
Graph Edelstahlschrott 2020.09.27 - 22:43
Scrap Battery price
Graph Bleibatterien 2020.09.27 - 22:43
Scrap metal prices
Graph Stahlschrott 2020.09.27 - 22:43
Graph Karosserien 2020.09.27 - 22:43

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