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Scrap metal collecting & scrap metal buying Bremerhaven city, Germany. Used batteries purchase in Bremerhaven. Purchase of aluminum scrap. Buying copper scrap. Buying brass scrap. Purchase of stainless steel scrap. Buying scrap lead. We guarantee you: the best possible purchase prices, secure weighing, punctual payment. When Emil Schröder started buying and trading scrap iron, hides and waste paper in 1898, only a few people realized that these were valuable raw materials. The colloquial name “scrap dealer” was not exactly a respected profession. This opinion has changed fundamentally in the meantime. Today it is recognized worldwide and the company Schröder Schrott und Metalle GmbH & ...

Scrap prices, Bremerhaven

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Scrap Aluminum price
Graph Aluminiumschrott 2020.09.22 - 20:47
Scrap Brass price
Graph Messingschrott 2020.09.22 - 20:47
Scrap Copper price
Graph Kupferschrott 2020.09.22 - 20:47
Scrap Lead price
Graph Altblei 2020.09.22 - 20:47
Scrap St. steel price
Graph Edelstahlschrott 2020.09.22 - 20:47
Scrap metal prices
Graph Stahlschrott 2020.09.22 - 20:47

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