AJK Recyclage Τιμή αγοράς, Vendargues | Cash for scrap steel & nonn-ferrous metals in Vendargues city, France.... 

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AJK Recyclage 27102/9

Ancienne Route de Sommières
Vendargues, Γαλλία
+33 6 37 40 00 53
Du lundi au vendredi 08h00 à 17h30
Cash for scrap steel & nonn-ferrous metals in Vendargues city, France. Ferrous metal purchase price. Aluminum purchase price. Battery purchase price. Copper purchase price. Brass purchase price. Stainless steel purchase price. Lead purchase price. Purchase price of electric motors. This family structure specializing in new generation collection, offers a new service to individuals, communities and professionals, by removing scrap metal, metals, cars, electrical and computer equipment from home on a simple phone call. Collection, recycling and recovery of scrap iron, metals, copper cables, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), ELV (End of Life Vehicles). Our company offers you a large choice of services perfectly suited to your requirements. We are constantly present to support you and advise you with competence and professionalism. Collection and recovery of Metals and Scrap Metals. Metals are infinitely recyclable and a growing proportion of them are today produced from recycled metals. The work of AJK RECYCLING is to help limit the extraction of raw materials, and thereby extend the life of deposits, as well as to prepare industries to operate exclusively with recycled metals. We offer a wide range of services and the purchase of products at very reasonable prices. We attach particular importance to the quality of our services and we are at your disposal to advise you in your choice. Are you looking for a solution adapted to your needs ? Our team of professionals is here to help you.
Currency converter
αλουμίνια τιμέσ
1.6 €/κιλό price up
Price change Jantes Alu
1.3 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Alu AGS
0.9 €/κιλό price up
Price change Alu mêlé
0.9 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Alu carter
0.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change câbles alu
ανακυκλωση μπαταριων
0.55 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Batteries au plomb
ανοξειδωτο ατσαλι τιμη
0.9 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Inox 18/8
μολυβδοσ τιμη
1.2 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Plomb
ορείχαλκοσ τιμη
4.3 €/κιλό price down
Price change Laiton
3 €/κιλό price up
Price change radiateurs ½ rouge sans fer
σκραπ τιμεσ
0.12 €/κιλό no changes
Price change fers, fonte
métaux ferreux
τιμη χαλκου
7.2 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Cuivre mêlé
7.2 €/κιλό no changes
Price change cuivre mêlé (avec embouts laiton et colliers fers)
6.2 €/κιλό no changes
Price change cuivre étamé massif
4.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change chauffe eau (cuivre étamé)
3 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Radiateurs alu-cuivre
2.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change câbles cuivre selon rendement cuivre (nous consulter)
1.5 €/κιλό no changes
Price change câbles cuivre informatique
0.55 €/κιλό no changes
Price change Moteurs électriques
0.3 €/κιλό no changes
Price change câbles cuivre-plomb-fer
Cuivre millberry ou dépose

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.