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Uninova Oy visits4278

Syväsatamantie 26
Hamina, Finland
+358 50 518 7852
I - IV 07:00 - 15:30, V 07:00 - 14:30
[email protected]
Scrap metal yard in Finland, Hamina city. The employees of Uninova Oy have gathered decades worth of experience in metal recycling processes. After we've processed the materials, the world will be a greener place! For us scrap is valuable commodity and we know how to refine it. At the same time we help our customers to get the best price for their scrap metal. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and help us build a greener world together! The combined experience of our employees spans well over a century. We've worked in the harbour of Hamina for over 10 years. Uninova Oy is completely Finnish private business and we are considered amongst the leading companies of our field in the country. We produce materials for foundries, factories and others that are in need of raw metals. Our products are of high quality and easy to process. We buy: Scrap cars - dried, without liquids. All household scrap metal can be recycled - such as washing machines, bicycles, pots, pans, tins, etc. Non-ferrous metals: copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless and acid-resistant steel, etc. You can bring scrap metal with your own car. Sell scrap metal and Make money! We have no weighing fees. Note: We do not accept hazardous waste. Any hazardous waste that may have come with the loads will be returned to the importer at his expense. We also deliver pallets for collecting scrap metal to both private and industrial properties and construction sites. We bring and pick up the pallets according to the agreement. Call and state the car's registration number before arriving. The drive in is through the main gate of Hamina harbor. After the gate, turn left where it says Hillo laiturit (HL) and UNINOVA OY on the guide sign - drive straight forward as long as you come to another guide sign, go straight ahead for about 200 m. After that you will see a lot of junk on the left and at the intersection turn left and enter us through the gate. Travel about a kilometer from the gate.
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