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Scrap batteries buying Zwickau city, Germany. Don't buy your car batteries just anywhere! Order your batteries online at www.kfz-batterien24.de at a fair price. A large product range with a variety of top brand batteries such as Bosch, Varta, Exide, Optima, Trojan, Startcraft, Iboxx or Volltecc awaits you. With our range everyone will find a battery that meets their expectations in terms of price and quality. We have high-quality batteries in OEM quality at a reasonable price as well as good and inexpensive batteries of the latest generation. An accumulator for starting internal combustion engines in vehicles is colloquially referred to as a car battery, starter battery, battery or car battery. However, this is an accumulator. These lead-acid batteries store the energy generated by the alternator. At the same time, an uninterrupted power supply for electrical consumers is guaranteed. Over the years, the number of electrical consumers has increased significantly. In addition to the better comfort equipment, many safety and weight-related mechanical components have been replaced by electronic ones. For this reason, the demands on a car battery are increasing. In addition to the high cold start performance, a starter battery must have the largest possible capacity and cycles must be fixed. Two batteries are often installed in the vehicle. A starter battery and an on-board battery or backup battery. The manufacturers want to counteract a deep discharge. In many cars, a single deep cycle battery is used instead of a car battery and a supply battery. These battery technologies. Car batteries are manufactured using four different battery technologies. The latest development is an improved wet battery. These car batteries are usually referred to as EFB batteries (enhanced flooded batteries). A tried and tested battery technology that is well established in the automotive industry is AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology. A rather rare type of car battery is a gel battery.
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