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UAB Metacona 34933/13

Svajonės g. 4
Klaipėda, Lithuania
+370 604 35595
I - IV 09:00 - 18:00, V 09:00 - 17:00
Cash for scrap in Klaipeda city / Scrap metal prices Lithuania. UAB Metacona buys ferrous scrap from residents, companies and organizations in various quantities, it can be various metal equipment or their components, metal constructions, car service metal waste, tins, bodies. Metal waste remaining after construction, demolition or renovation work, as well as machinery no longer used in agricultural activities or simply metals no longer used in the household. Also buys and manages electronic waste: Computers, their components, capacitors, compressors, household appliances, monitors, mobile phones, temperature change equipment, radio equipment, measuring devices and other obsolete, obsolete electronic equipment. After analyzing the customer's needs, the most suitable solutions are sought, therefore the scrap metal is handled not only at its sites, but also at the customer's request arrives at the agreed location. The company's transport, equipment and containers are also offered for collecting scrap metal. Based on the long-term experience of its own and wide verso partners, the company offers customers the most optimal solutions, the highest price of secondary raw materials on the market. Catalysts are sold because they contain the precious metals platinum, palladium and rhodium. UAB Metacona buys unusable catalysts from residents, companies and organizations. In the shop, the price of the catalyst is determined by means of spectral analysis or according to the code on the tank, then it is weighed and settled according to the purchase prices valid at that time. In the Klaipėda region, we offer our transport and containers for the removal of scrap metal or electronic waste from your individual properties to residents, companies and organizations. We also offer dismantling of metal structures and devices, qualified and experienced personnel are able to dismantle structures of various complexity and prepare them for transportation. During its activities, UAB Metacona attaches special importance to environmental requirements: reducing the amount of all waste, increasing recycling and reuse, reducing environmental pollution and emissions. Organized scrap metal and waste are sold to local and foreign recyclers. The turnover of UAB Metacona increases every year, thus creating new development opportunities. Openness, honesty in communication with customers and partners, a wide range of transportation and logistics services for secondary raw materials, professionalism, flexible pricing system, payment for services immediately or according to the terms of the contract.
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