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Scrap battery recycling & purchase prices UK

2022-01-12, Scrap Battery prices

H&S Metals company provides scrap batteries & scrap metal collection services

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Due to the wide availability of lead acid batteries the price for scrap metal is relatively low at around £300 – £600 per tonne. Please note that scrap metal prices change on a daily basis. The above prices are based on estimates per tonne. If you have any questions or want to get the latest prices give us a call on 02392 755900. We only recycle lead acid batteries. Batteries contain a mixture of different metals, designed to fulfil their role as electrical conductors. We recycle lead acid batteries which, as the name suggests, contain lead.

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Cash For Gold, Silver UK, London

2022-01-11, Scrap Gold prices

If you want to sell gold or silver, contact the company - Gold Forever

We’re interested in the old & new gold jewelry

To us, jewellery isn't suddenly junk because it's broken, knotted, or because some stones have fallen out. We’ll buy any items broken or not because the precious metals within them are still worth good money. Obviously, we're interested in items in good working order too. Whatever you have and you don’t want, we’ll buy. 

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Scrap gold purchase prices In the last month of 2021

2022-01-04, Scrap Gold prices

In the last month of last year the price of gold rose. At the beginning of the month, gold cost about $ 1,780 per troy ounce, and by the end of the month it was about $ 1,820 per troy ounce. On average, the price of gold has risen about $ 100 per troy ounce. Assessing such a change in the price of gold, it can be stated that the purchase prices of scrap gold increased accordingly. According to, on January 1, 2022, scrap gold could be sold in Germany at the highest price.


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