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Scrap Gold prices, Canada

The price of gold is rising. What to expect in the near future?


By 2023, the price of gold has increased by about 15% compared to the beginning of November last year. November 3, 2022 the price of gold on the exchange was about 1600 USD/Oz, and already in 2023 on January 3, the price of gold reached 1838 USD/Oz. Although the price of gold has not yet reached 2022. at the level of March when gold cost as much as $2034/Oz, but it is likely to reach a similar price soon if it rises at this pace.
As the economy of the world's major countries slows down and inflation continues to grow, it is a bit strange to see that in 2022 the price of gold decreased more than it increased, and only started to increase at the beginning of November. One can form the opinion that the price of gold is somehow artificially prevented from increasing.

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# Buyer Purchase price City
London Gold Buyer
51.11 € /g price up London ON
Mississauga Gold
48.219 € /g price up Mississauga
Toronto Gold
47.308 € /g price up Toronto
London Gold Buyer
46.863 € /g price up London ON
London Gold Buyer
44.767 € /g price up London ON
Mississauga Gold
43.199 € /g price up Mississauga
Toronto Gold
42.377 € /g price up Toronto
Mississauga Gold
41.192 € /g price up Mississauga
Toronto Gold
40.411 € /g price up Toronto
Mississauga Gold
35.164 € /g price up Mississauga
Toronto Gold
34.5 € /g price up Toronto
London Gold Buyer
33 € /g price up London ON
London Gold Buyer
29.308 € /g price up London ON
Mississauga Gold
27.123 € /g price up Mississauga
Toronto Gold
26.61 € /g price up Toronto

London Gold Buyer
25.651 € /g price up London ON
Mississauga Gold
19.089 € /g price up Mississauga
Toronto Gold
18.726 € /g price up Toronto
London Gold Buyer
18.301 € /g price up London ON
Mississauga Gold
17.082 € /g price up Mississauga
Toronto Gold
16.76 € /g price up Toronto
London Gold Buyer
16.5 € /g price up London ON
London Gold Buyer
14.651 € /g price up London ON
Toronto Gold
Contacts Toronto
Toronto Gold
Contacts Toronto

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GOLD BUYING – is the most common way to get cash instantly when needed. Gold buying is widespread in many countries and can be quickly pledged or sold using the services of pawnbrokers. This metal is very highly valued and is still popular these days and was throughout the ages. Gold can be sold quickly anywhere, and the prices vary in different stores within the same country. The purchase prices of gold depend on the prices of the respective metals on stock exchanges and change very often. Every single gold buyer monitors the fluctuations in the prices on stock exchanges and accordingly adjusts its buying price. When comparing both country-wide and gold purchase prices between countries it can be seen that the differences are not major, thus, by estimating the amount of gold and comparing prices it is easy to decide where to sell it.