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Искитим, Russia


Car batteries scrap prices

0.829 €/kg
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Cash for scrap metal Iskitim city, Russia. Dismantling of any complexity - Money immediately - Around the clock - Supporting documentation. All licenses - We have all the necessary licenses for the reception and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Sell your scrap metal to a specialized point for high price. The price for purchase non-ferrous metal for today. Today in Iskitim city you can hand over non-ferrous metals at certain prices that have developed in the market. The price of scrap metal is constantly changing, so always check the purchase prices of scrap metal that day before selling the metal. Our activity: Treatment of waste and scrap of ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metal waste and scrap processing. Wholesale trade in waste and scrap. Transportation of goods by non-specialized vehicles. Rent of a freight vehicle with a driver