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ТОА ВторМет
Северск, Russia

ТОА ВторМет

Car batteries scrap prices

0.829 €/kg
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Scrap metal yard in Seversk city, Russia. Buyer of scrap metal. Buy of metal in Tomsk yards for high prices. Scrap metal collection yards in Tomsk and Seversk, find the nearest collection yards for non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal in your city. We buy scrap metal in Seversk and Tomsk cities by appointment, we buy scrap from individuals and legal entities, making payment immediately after weighing. Evaluate the advantages of cooperation with our company: many years of experience, transparent conditions and fair prices, your own transport for the removal of scrap metal from your facility. The prices presented in this section are for reference only. Scrap of non-ferrous metals is an exchange commodity, accordingly, its prices depend on the exchange rate. and the cost of metal on the stock exchange. Please check the current prices with a specialist of the company