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Томск, Russia


Scrap lead prices

0.427 €/kg
Лом свинца (в пластинах)


Scrap metal yard in Tomsk city, Russia. Scrap metal buy in Tomsk. It will not be difficult to sale scrap metal with export: contact us! We carry out the export of scrap metal in Tomsk and the region on favorable terms. The Ekorex company will provide you with scrap metal removal services. We understand that not only private clients, but also large organizations do not have vehicles at their disposal, so we will be happy to help you solve this problem. We know how important it is to ensure compliance with the schedule for the removal of scrap metal, therefore our fleet is equipped with a sufficient number of specialized equipment equipped with satellite navigation systems. We are interested in both small volumes of metal waste and large-sized structures. If the removal of scrap metal involves loading and unloading and dismantling work, we are ready to provide a team of loaders and carvers