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Alytus, Lithuania


Scrap brass / bronze

3.8 €/kg
Žalvario, bronzos laužas


Cash for scrap metal Alytus city. Scrap metal price in Lithuania. UAB Pranmetal is one of the largest ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal purchasing companies in the Dzūkija region. The company is located in Alytus, Industrial district. Scrap metal is purchased from both individuals and companies. The company offers competitive scrap metal purchase prices and fast payment for delivered scrap metal. At the customer's request, we pay both in cash and by bank transfer. Scrap metal dismantling, cutting and stevedoring in the customer's territory. Trailer rental (for those who want to bring scrap metal, we invite you to use the trailer free of charge). We can provide containers for scrap metal collection, and take out the accumulated scrap metal by our own transport. Weighing services. We have certified car scales, so we can also offer weighing services.