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Москва, Russia


Scrap lead prices

0.976 €/kg
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Scrap metal prices Russia. Cash for scrap metal in Moscow city. The company 'Start-metal' accepts scrap metal in Moscow and the Moscow region. Do you want to hand over scrap metal? Contact the round-the-clock metal collection yards 'Start' in Moscow or the region! We always have an up-to-date price list for the purchase of scrap. 'Start' offers to use a complex of services for the delivery of metal to specialized points of purchase of scrap metal. Cutting, simple and complex dismantling, and transportation of raw materials to the site are included in this set of services. Non-ferrous metal is a valuable recyclable material and its cost is very high on the market. The demand for the purchase of scrap is due to the economic benefits of its recycling. It is found both in everyday life and in production due to its content in products for industrial, construction, electrical purposes, electrical parts, household appliances and devices, and after being melted it is actively used to make new products