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Gaurės metalai
Tauragė, Lithuania

Gaurės metalai

Scrap stainless steel

0.22 €/kg
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Scrap metal yard in Lithuania, Taurage city. We come to the client to pick up a scrap metal truck (with a hydraulic manipulator). The truck can hold up to 5.5 tons of ferrous scrap. The arrival fee of the truck is € 1.00 per kilometer when traveling outside the city of Taurage. Admission to Taurage is FREE. We rent (free of charge until 3 o'clock) a trailer (it is possible to transport up to 1 ton of cargo) to bring scrap metal to us. An advance of 50 euros is left. We weigh loads up to 60 tons with car scales (weighing bridge length 18 meters, width 3 meters). The price of one weighing is 3 €. We issue invoices. We conclude contracts for weighing. The weight of scrap metal delivered is reduced by the percentage of contamination (1%, 3%, 5%), which depends on the scrap metal pollution (plastic, rubber, dirt, wood, ferrous metal inclusions, etc.)