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Хардгрей металс
София, Bulgaria

Хардгрей металс

Light metal scrap prices

0.077 €/kg
стружки черен метал


Scrap metal yard in Bulgaria, Sofija city. Retail purchase prices Sofia. Iron thick: Maximum dimensions 1500x500x500 mm, thickness over 4 mm. Free of: non-ferrous metals, funnels, bales, briquettes, extruded or loose wires, steel ropes, gas or oxygen cylinders, car tanks and large massive pieces of scrub that cannot be cut. Aluminum: They consist of pure aluminum castings, which may contain automotive but not block ingots and be free of iron, dirt, brass, babbitt and any other foreign material. Thin copper: Consists of mixed, unalloyed copper wire, with a nominal copper content of 96% (min. 94%). Copper thick: Consists of pure, non-tin, unlined, without impurities copper wire and cables, not thinner than number 16 caliber by B&S Brass: Consists of brass castings, rolled brass, reinforced brass, pipes and various yellow brass parts, pipes and various yellow brass parts, including coated brass particles. Be free of manganese bronze, aluminum bronze, free of radiators or radiator parts, free of iron, excessively dirty or corroded materials.