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Metalų komercija
Vilkaviškis, Lithuania

Metalų komercija

Scrap stainless steel

1.35 €/kg
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Cash for scrap metal Vilkaviskis city / Scrap metal prices Lithuania. We sell / buy all waste containing non-ferrous and other metals: Aluminium scrap, Copper scrap, Brass and bronze scrap, Stainless steel scrap, Zinc, Lead, Lead batteries. The company UAB Metalų komercija was established in 2012. The main activity of the company is the purchase, handling (sorting), sale, export, import of base metal scrap and their waste. Buying metal has become a profitable business for buyers and a source of income for those who are looking for scrap metal. Scrap metal can be sold anywhere, and the purchase prices vary due to the purchaser’s pricing policy. Scrap metal prices also depend on the price of the metal on stock exchanges and change frequently. Price changes are influenced by the demand and supply in the market and the most convenient way