Negabaritinis metalo laužas: Scrap metal prices | Unprepared scrap metal | IRĖJA (Šeduva)

Šeduva, Lithuania


Unprepared scrap metal

0.270 €/kg
Negabaritinis metalo laužas


Scrap metal price in Lithuania, Šeduva city. We dismantle and take out metal structures of any size with our own transport. We provide weighing services, sell fuel briquettes. Purchase of non-ferrous metal scrap - aluminum, copper, purchase of brass, stainless steel scrap in Šeduva. Scrap metal storage, reloading. Sale of scrap metal - export, import, wholesale. Always good scrap metal purchase prices.Buying metal has become a profitable business for buyers and a source of income for those who are looking for scrap metal. Scrap metal can be sold anywhere, and the purchase prices vary due to the purchaser’s pricing policy. Scrap metal prices also depend on the price of the metal on stock exchanges and change frequently. We are a responsible scrap metal recycling company, selling and buying scrap metal. To make some money from your scrap metal, click through to see what we buy and to see how we can help