Auksas 375: Scrap Gold prices | Cash for gold 9 karat | Monodija (Kaunas)

Kaunas, Lithuania


Cash for gold 9 karat

16.4 €/g
Auksas 375


Cash for gold Lithuania, Kaunas city. Pawnshop in Kaunas.Pawnshop in Kaunas. Purchase of 12 carats gold and others carats gold and silver scrap | The company 'Monodija' buys gold and silver scrap dearly. The price of gold is recalculated every day based on the prices of precious metals on the world market. When buying gold in larger quantities, the purchase price of gold is coordinated by a separate agreement. 'Monodija' can offer you all services related to jewelry. The company was founded in 1994. Work experience in this field for more than 20 years. Our chain of stores consists of three jewelry stores. The main activities are trade in jewelry, purchase and exchange of gold / silver for new products, pawnshop services. When selling precious metals, the seller must present a valid persona