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EMP Recycling
Panevėžys, Lithuania

EMP Recycling

Scrap UPS batteries prices

0.12 €/kg
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Scrap metal price in Lithuania, Panevezys city. Purchase of scrap electronics. Our services: Waste recycling and utilization. Issuance of waste recycling declarations. Issuance of WEEE disposal certificates. In Vilnius and Kaunas regions, we take out and take out used electrical and electronic appliances, old household appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, etc.) free of charge. We pay a fee based on their weight for many non-ferrous metals and electronic waste we bring to shopping. All prices can be found on the website in the purchase price lists section. Depending on the city in which you add the waste, their purchase prices may vary slightly. In the shopping center operating in Panevėžys, we not only buy, but also dismantle old, sell and install new catalysts. The price of a catalyst is estimated on the basis of the actual amount of precious metals in it and the prices prevailing on the precious metals exchange at that time. To offer our customers the best price, we recommend that you bring the catalyst to our point of purchase, where its price will be assessed using reliable analysis methods.