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Αγ Ιωάννης Ρέντη, Грэцыя
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Cash for scrap metal Athens city, Scrap metal prices Greece. Scrap lead batteries purchase price, scrap aluminium price, scrap copper purchase price Greece, scrap stainless steel price, scrap brass / bronze buying price, scrap lead price. Unlike the individual cases of illegal or non-specialized metal mining units that lack the necessary waste management licenses and safety standards, SCRAPMETAL is differentiated by providing a Scrap Metal Marketing, Transport and Collection license and the most competitive post-sale scrap prices. Our long experience in the metal market, economies of scale and modern environmental technologies add maximum value to metals. SCRAPMETAL is one of the most pioneering metal recycling companies in Greece. With its experience, SCRAPMETAL can guarantee the excellent management and full utilization of metals or other waste. Car towing. Scrapmetal, with experience, certified procedures and absolute respect for the environment, disposes of your old car quickly and with simple procedures from 100 to 500 euros. Find out about the necessary withdrawal documents depending on the type of vehicle and the legal form of the owner.
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Цена компьютерного лома
0.4 €/кг no changes
Price change ΥΠΟΛΟΓΙΣΤΕΣ
Цена лома алюминия
1.05 €/кг price up
1 €/кг price up
Цена лома латуни
3.2 €/кг price down
Price change ΟΡΕΙΧΑΛΚΟΣ
Цена лома меди
6.7 €/кг price up
Price change ΧΑΛΚΟΣ Α’
6.1 €/кг price up
Price change ΧΑΛΚΟΣ Β
2 €/кг no changes
Price change ΚΑΛΩΔΙΑ
0.4 €/кг no changes
Price change ΜΙΖΕΣ – ΔΥΝΑΜΟ
0.3 €/кг no changes
Цена лома нержавейки
1 €/кг no changes
Price change ΑΝΟΞΕΙΔΩΤΟ
Цена лома свинца
1.3 €/кг price up
Price change ΜΟΛΥΒΙ
Цены лома акб
0.7 €/кг price up
Цены на металлолом
0.17 €/кг no changes
Price change ΣΙΔΕΡΟ A’
0.16 €/кг no changes
Price change ΣΙΔΕΡΟ Β
Цены электронного лома
0.45 €/кг no changes
Price change Μονάδες Η/Υ

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