Scrap battery recycling & purchase prices UK |

Scrap battery recycling & purchase prices UK


H&S Metals company provides scrap batteries & scrap metal collection services

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Due to the wide availability of lead acid batteries the price for scrap metal is relatively low at around £300 – £600 per tonne. Please note that scrap metal prices change on a daily basis. The above prices are based on estimates per tonne. If you have any questions or want to get the latest prices give us a call on 02392 755900. We only recycle lead acid batteries. Batteries contain a mixture of different metals, designed to fulfil their role as electrical conductors. We recycle lead acid batteries which, as the name suggests, contain lead.

These are the oldest type of rechargeable battery and are more commonly known as car batteries.
Batteries of this type contain materials which are harmful to the environment so it is important to ensure they are recycled safely and correctly. At H&S Metals we work to recycle metal in as environmentally friendly way as possible, while helping you to achieve the best price for your scrap metal.
Lead acid batteries are found in cars and vans of all shapes and sizes. Car dealers will typically find that they have a steady supply of used batteries available for recycling.

We have one scrap yard in Portsmouth and another close to Southampton and Winchester in Bishops Waltham. Taking your scrap batteries directly to a yard will enable us to check the quality and weight before offering you a price on site.
We also offer a collection service for larger quantities of scrap metal. Give us a call 02392 755900 to discuss the scrap metal collection service in more detail.