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Scrap metal prices in Germany. Scrap metal yard Darmstadt. Buying / selling ferrous scrap metal & non-ferrous scrap metals. In addition to collection and dismantling, we also offer scrap purchase. We purchase and manage ferrous scrap and the following non-ferrous metals: scrap copper, scrap aluminum, scrap brass, scrap bronze, scrap stainless steel, scrap lead and others metals. If you want to sell for us scrap battery , contact us now via contact 0177/5452343 Turn your scrap into cash. A payout at daily prices is a matter of course. As with many other products, scrap prices in the market are not constant. Eisenschrott Ankauf / Eisenschrottabholung. Batteries purchase - you have battery scrap on site and want to have it disposed of? We can to buy it. If necessary, you will receive old batteries purchase prices from our drivers by r...

Scrap prices, Darmstadt

Purchase price Price change Comments Updated
Electric motors scrap price
Contacts Elektro motoren 2020.12.21 - 07:48
Scrap Aluminum price
0.563 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Aluminium 2020.12.21 - 07:48
Scrap Brass price
2.6 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Messing 2020.12.21 - 07:48
Scrap Copper price
3.863 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Kupfer 2020.12.21 - 07:48
Scrap Lead price
0.549 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Altblei 2020.12.21 - 07:48
Scrap St. steel price
Contacts Edelstahl 2020.12.21 - 07:48
Scrap Battery price
Contacts Alt bleibatterien 2020.12.21 - 07:48
Scrap metal prices
0.057 Eur/kg. no changes Price change Stahlschrott 2020.12.21 - 07:48

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