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LA Cash for Gold 10879/12

Los Angeles Cash for Gold - sell gold locally. LA Cash for Gold™ is located in the city of Pasadena California. LA Cash for Gold™ offers a unique perspective to the Gold Buying industry. In 2007 we researched the Cash for Gold Market™ and discovered there was no foundation for a person looking to sell gold, silver and platinum publicly; to be able to price out their items by factoring in the key component. The gram weight, metal purity, and finally the payout percentage the company buying the item was offering based of the current spot price. As a wholesale Jewelry manufacturer, purchasing precious metals and quality diamonds is the key component we use daily to create our very own unique jewelry and designs. After years of business and research we decided to start buying gold and diamonds. To become a legitimate gold buying business, we obtained proper licensing from the state of California. Through the success of our jewelry manufacturing and precious metals buying, we now hold trademarks for three separate brands that solely belong to our National Gold Market Corporation. The best way to evaluate your items is to bring them into our location so that we may accurately test each item out. During the process, we will give you the knowledge needed to sell your precious metal for the right price. Each LA Cash for Gold™ employee is trained by the owner himself. The owner of the company has over 15 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing industry and is a 3rd generation master jeweler. Our Staff has the most on hands training and experience in the industry to determine whether or not the metal holds value. The main reason we are able to pay more than our competitors is because we use all purchased components first hand. We have a complete different prospective when it comes to purchasing your valuable items such as Diamond Jewelry, Coins and Flatware. Our ability to buy your quality diamonds and precious metals allows us to conduct a recycling process. Efficiently, the goods purchased are used for our onsite wholesale and retail jewelry manufacturing supply and demand.
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56.104 €/g price up
Price change 24 karat
53.811 €/g price up
Price change 23 karat
51.472 €/g price up
Price change 22 karat
49.132 €/g price up
Price change 21 karat
46.783 €/g price up
Price change 20 karat
44.443 €/g price up
Price change 19 karat
39.462 €/g price up
Price change 18 karat
37.274 €/g price up
Price change 17 karat
35.075 €/g price up
Price change 16 karat
32.887 €/g price up
Price change 15 karat
30.679 €/g price up
Price change 14 karat
28.491 €/g price up
Price change 13 karat
26.302 €/g price up
Price change 12 karat
24.113 €/g price up
Price change 11 karat
21.925 €/g price up
Price change 10 karat
19.726 €/g price up
Price change 9 karat
17.538 €/g price up
Price change 8 karat
15.34 €/g price up
Price change 7 karat
13.151 €/g price up
Price change 6 karat

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