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Menditti Fabrizio 2947/6

Via Milano 1/B 81020
Caserta, Italy
+39 371 117 6995
dal Lunedì al Sabato 09:30 - 20:00
Cash for gold Italy, Caserta city. We buy the precious REALLY based on the used gold quotation in real time, in fact we offer you a live calculator to evaluate your gold. For each gold buy operation, the used gold quotation is viewed in real time read on the screen at that precise moment and unlike many gold buys we make the payment in cash or by INSTANT bank transfer WITHOUT ANY COMMISSION on the price read. We are the Best Buy Gold located in Campania precisely in Caserta, and easily reachable from Naples and from all over Italy. First of all, you must know that gold undergoes drastic market trends, it can rise or fall in an instantaneous period of time. So don't risk it, and sell your gold at the economic quotation that best suits you, because tomorrow it may already be too late and you may have lost money waiting for a rise that no one can establish. Come and visit us in our Buy Gold in Caserta and take advantage of it for advice and an evaluation of your precious objects completely free and without obligation. Menditti Fabrizio was the first Compro Oro to be born in Italy, achieving incredible turnover over the years. Always check the registered trademark on the sign and be wary of imitations. We have unified several points of sale in a shop located in Caserta, characterized by a beauty and elegance comparable only to the most beautiful and important jewelers in Italy, all this to guarantee the customer to be served directly by the owner. Weigh your items and write the grams in the space provided. We buy branded jewelry with diamonds and single diamonds with a certificate of guarantee.
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Scrap Gold prices
59.15 €/g price up
Price change Quotazione Oro 24 Kt (999,99)
53.77 €/g price up
Price change Quotazione Oro 22 Kt (916,67)
43.3 €/g price up
Price change Quotazione Oro 18 Kt (750,00)
33.26 €/g price up
Price change Quotazione Oro 14 Kt (585,00
18.27 €/g price up
Price change Quotazione Oro 9 Kt (375,00)

* - Specify prices directly with the buyer! Available inaccuracies of currency conversion.