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The price of scrap copper is falling


In the first days of 2023, the price of copper increased by about 15% and on January 18, it reached $9.436 per kilogram on the London Metal Exchange. However, since that day, the price of copper has steadily declined. On March 15, 2023, the price of copper fell to $8.52/kg, and by May 23, it fell as low as $7.96 per kilogram. As the price of copper in the metal exchanges decreased, the [prices of copper scrap] in each country decreased accordingly. According to information from the website, you can see which country has the highest copper scrap prices. Recently, the highest price of copper scrap was in Poland. The firm Raf-Mar from the city of Kraków bought scrap copper for €7.23/kg in mid-February this year, and on May 24, it paid only €5.77 per kilogram of copper.

The price of copper scrap can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as copper quantity, quality, region of the country, time period and trading conditions. In addition, copper prices also fluctuate due to global market movements and stock exchange trading.

By viewing information on the website, it is possible to find out the prices of copper scrap in various countries of the world.
[Copper scrap price in Germany] - €6.7/kg (2023.05.08) - Böhner Altmetalle GmbH
[Copper scrap price in Austria] - €5.5/kg (2023.05.08) - DSM Schrott- und Metallverwertung
[Copper scrap price in France] - €5.9/kg (2023.05.25) - AJK Recyclage
[Copper scrap price in Belgium] – 6.5 €/kg (2023.04.30) - B.R.MET.
[Copper scrap price in Brazil] – 2,496 €/kg (2023.05.02) - Litoral Limpo
[Copper scrap price Poland] - 31.1 zlotys/kg (2023.05.02) - PHU Metal Marcin Pomian