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Scrap Battery prices today, USA

The price of scrap batteries should rise

The price of scrap batteries depends mainly on the price of lead on metal exchanges. At the beginning of 2023, the price of lead continued to increase. The increase in the price of lead started at the end of October 2022. At that time, the price of lead was about $0.84/kg, and already on January 16, 2023, it reached $1.01 per 1 kilogram. With the increase in the price of lead, it can be expected that the price of scrap lead batteries can also increase by about 20%. In 2022, in March-April, the price of lead on metal exchanges was increased to $1,120 per ton, but after that it continued to decrease. Scrap battery prices have been rising in recent months due to a number of factors. One of the main factors is the increasing demand for scrap batteries as a source of recycled lead. In addition, the prices of new batteries are also increasing, which has made scrap batteries more attractive to many buyers. Despite the price increase, many scrap battery dealers and recyclers are still willing to pay a high price for scrap batteries.

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# Buyer Purchase price City
Fair Salvage Company
0.189 € /lb no changes Chase, Michigan
TNT Scrap Metal
0.188 € /lb no changes Brooklyn, NY
JR’s Advanced Recyclers
0.142 € /kg no changes Minnesota, Inver Grove Heights
Greenblott Metal Co.
0.142 € /lb price down New York, Binghamton
Frontier Metals
0.132 € /lb no changes New Jersey, Middlesex
Sikora Metals
0.113 € /lb no changes Michigan, Detroit
Metalico Buffalo
0.113 € /lb no changes New York, Buffalo
Elgin Recycling
0.113 € /lb no changes Gilberts, Illinois
Greenblott Metal Co.
0.113 € /lb no changes New York, Binghamton
Utah Metal Works
0.104 € /lb no changes Utah, Salt Lake City
Big Daddy Scrap
0.104 € /lb no changes Illinois, Chicago Heights
Fair Salvage Company
0.094 € /lb no changes Chase, Michigan
Fair Salvage Company
0.094 € /lb no changes Chase, Michigan
Sadoff Iron & Metal Company
0.094 € /lb no changes Wisconsin, Fond du Lac
Middleboro Recycling
0.094 € /lb no changes Massachusetts, Middleborough

CMC Recycling
0.075 € /lb no changes Kansas, Independence
Surplus Recycling
Contacts Virginia, Virginia Beach
Sadoff Iron & Metal Company
Contacts Wisconsin, Fond du Lac
Sadoff Iron & Metal Company
Contacts Wisconsin, Fond du Lac
Sadoff Iron & Metal Company
Contacts Wisconsin, Fond du Lac
Sadoff Iron & Metal Company
Contacts Wisconsin, Fond du Lac
Langley Recycling
Contacts Kansas, Topeka
Montgomery Scrap
Contacts Maryland, Rockville
Metro Metals
Contacts Minnesota, Saint Paul

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BATTERY PURCHASING – is beneficial in several aspects: ecological and financial. Everybody knows how much toxic substances are in batteries and that it is strictly forbidden to get rid of them in anyway and anywhere. Recently recyclers started to buy used batteries and almost all battery components are used for reuse. Metal recyclers buy lead, plastic is bought by plastic recyclers and the acid inside the battery can be used in the production of various other materials. Battery purchasing is available in many countries and only licensed companies can ensure the ecological and legal disposal. The purchase price depends on the price of lead, which is regulated on metal exchanges and varies from store to store and country.